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Welcome to HDC Consultancy. We are a group of solicitors/lawyers, attorneys-at-law comprising over 30 years of dispute resolution experience in the UK and the Caribbean.

Shez Christopher, HDC co-director, keynote speaker at the ANSAR conference in St Kitts & Nevis July 2018.

HDC Consultancy – we are at your service.


HDC provides a range of support and resolution skills including on demand secretariat provision, program management leadership, alternative dispute resolution formats and design bespoke training.

Some main areas of service appear at the Services tab.  However, the list is not exhaustive so if you don’t see the help you need give us a call.  HDC Consultancy can work with you to plan, structure and undertake projects and commercial arrangements or resolve disputes along the way.  The firm is led by an experienced team with legal training background.  The ethos is to bring practical effect in a commercial world where virtual offices are the new reality.   HDC Consultancy is about your ability to engage professional personnel resources as and when needed rather than incurring ongoing cost and overheads to maintain an adequate professional team.

Flexibility is a key feature in today’s business, what do you need, when and how much?  Problems need to be managed quickly without feeling helpless to disputes spiralling into lengthy and expensive litigation.  Managing conflicts is therefore an important part of HDC Consultancy’s operation, since disputes which are badly managed can cause unnecessary distraction, blight progress and end up absorbing finances which could be better applied in developing a project or business effort.


A main focus of HDC Consultancy operation concentrates on Mediation, which is the most common form of alternative dispute resolution.

In disputes, people can be as much of a problem as the claim. Even for the most skilled ‘people person’, some individuals can be difficult to handle.  That’s where we at HDC Consultancy come in. Working with us as neutrals, with the right skills set, we can help break the impasse and help you unlock your disputes irrespective of the value, shapes or sizes.

As qualified mediators, we never have the luxury of choosing the parties and this means we can be confronted by various different personalities. Some will be very cooperative, others more ingrained, some will have little experience in negotiation whilst others will be quite asserted speakers. Nonetheless, our fully trained mediators will be there to employ tried and tested dispute resolution analysis and skills with the aim to ensure a successful solution, where all the participating parties feel they have achieved the best possible outcome when all interest and rights are fairly balanced.

Unlike litigation mediation is about skilfully obtaining the win-win feel.  It is the parties that reach their own terms of settlement.  The Mediator’s role is to apply the necessary skill to manage the objective of concluding a futile meeting.

In litigation there is a winner and a loser, and costs is said to follow the event.  This means the losing party will not only lose the case but also be hit with paying the winner’s cost.

In the usual course Mediation is a shared costs event.

HDC Consultancy will:

  • Work with the parties privately in confidence
  • Keep the relevant people informed
  • Be patient
  • Flexible yet resolute for an agreed positive outcome
  • Develop a culture of respect
  • Build operational rapport
  • Think about other people who could contribute positively
  • Be aware of what else is going on intellectually
  • Remember that the disputants are people with personal interest and may have complicated concerns


Mediation in the Caribbean

As a service provider, HDC Consultancy is developing as a leading mover in the development of alternative methods of resolving disputes and mediation across the Region. We will partner with private individuals, corporations, industries, public bodies or international organisations to achieve pragmatic settlements.

We also reach out to train individuals, organisations and governments to develop access to Mediation in their own countries / territories under our accreditation system.


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